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How do you find what books to read?

One of my favourite things to do is to look at books to add to my already overflowing tbr pile. (seriously, it’s so large that when I die, it will probably come back to haunt me)

So I thought for my first post (ahhhh), I might talk about how you could find some book recommendations, and please, feel free to comment how you find out about your next read if you have any more ideas, I would love to read them!

I think that primarily, I find out about books via the internet. This includes

  • Goodreads – It is seriously a miracle on Earth. It’s like a whole book of knowledge about books! I spend hours on there, looking at lists, viewing their recommendations from the books that I’ve read and reading book blurbs. They also have an app from the app store which makes it easier on your phone than logging onto your computer every time you want to check something or add another books!
  • Booktube – This is great because booktubers are able to talk about their views really easily (Because talking can mostly be easier than typing a review out) and nothing’s better than watching a half an hour video on a book you’ve just read and you just want to listen to someone else rant about how good/bad the book was. You can also see someone (and how excited they get about books) instead of just someone behind a computer screen. I think my favourite ones are Polandbananasbooks, jessiethereader, tashapolis and A Clockwork Reader.
  • Bookstagram– This is very similar to booktube but it’s pictures of books (And who doesn’t want to look at books gorgeously arranged with flowers! Books are great models!) Some people can take really lovely photos of books and their own bookshelves. It so satisfying to look at! If you don’t follow any book accounts, and if you do have Instagram, then I would recommend looking at paperfury because her captions are great, funny and relatable!!
  • New York Times Best Seller List– Only the best of the best get on this list so it makes sense to check it out. It also tells you how many weeks a book has been on the list! (This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp has been on the list of 71 weeks!!- yet another book I am still yet to read…)

Some other ways I personally find out about books that is not on the internet is

  • Librarians– They have the best job in the world I recon. You get to just read and recommend books ( I am sure they do other things but it sounds like a seriously cool job) Talking to them is great fun and even more fun when you can pull a smug smile on your face when you’ve read all the books they usually recommend to YA readers when they ask if you have read them!
  • Book Stores– I just love it when in bookstores they have a top 100 shelf where they put the top 100 books that people are reading. It makes life so much more easier (And harder because now you know what people are reading and you have to buy even more books……not that I am complaining!) It’s also great when sometimes on shelves they have little slips of paper that hang over the side and someone has written a good review!
  • Previous Authors that I have read– Cassandra Clare and J.K Rowling have me in their pockets because guaranteed, when they release a book, I am there at the bookstore the day it’s released (Or preordering it and then waiting for it to come in the mail, days after it’s already been released. That is torture. Do I wait or do I buy a second copy to read while I wait for the first one??) Keeping on top of what authors are publishing next helps me choose what’s on my tbr pile.

So I think that’s it (I am sure I’ll think up a few once I press post) but if you have other ways of finding out what to read, please let me know. I would love to read them!!



Agree with everything on this list! I also sometimes use bookstore brochures/magazines, like Readings for Readings Monthly. It’s a completely different audience’s perspective on YA novels because the books featured are ones chosen by adults/critics.

21st Mar, 18


28th May, 18

Ah very useful, thank you! Often my friends just wave books in my face and tell me to read them too, so that often works :)

4th Jun, 18